Prepared Leader Consulting Leadership Philosophy

Leadership requires the same level of diligence and hard work.

Prepared Leader Consulting

Practice & Time

It is believed by many that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to be world class at anything. We see this in the world of sports, music, medicine, law and nearly every field that requires a skill. Leadership requires the same level of diligence and hard work, however it is rarely talked about as a trainable skill rather than a natural-born quality.

Prepared Leader Consulting

What if those in leadership positions took the time to grow themselves as leaders in the workplace?

At Prepared Leader Consulting, our philosophy is to start people on their leadership journey before they are given leadership positions and throughout their careers as they face different challenges with increased responsibility. You can’t learn to lead by reading a book or attending a seminar any more than you can learn how to hit a baseball, play a guitar, or perform surgery by doing the same. Like any valuable skill, it takes time, effort and deliberate practice.

Career Enlightenment

Desirable work environments are cultivated by the leaders within them, and it is our belief that environments that are built for people produce happier employees and better results. Take the first step today with Prepared Leader Consulting and begin your path to career enlightenment!

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