Group Career Coaching

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Personal development skills & leadership growth

For the leadership growth that you need and the personal development skills that will help you both feel happy with your career and climb the ladder, Group Coaching with Prepared Leader Consulting is the perfect way to sit with and learn from your peers.

Prepared Leader Consulting
Jeff offers customized solutions to meet the growth needs of you and your team and will ask the open-ended questions that make you take an introspective look into how to improve your career growth–because, in the end, only you can make the changes you need to make.

Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment

Included with the Group Coaching course is a Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment and an individual debrief by Jeff, aiming to diagnose the ways that you communicate and interact with others and how that impacts your personal growth in the workplace. The Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment is a unique deep dive featuring a 30-page analysis on your personality and is widely regarded as one of the most useful tools in evaluating yourself.

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