Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment

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What Is The Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment?

The 30-page analysis provided by the Maxwell DISC Personality Assessment includes a thorough deep dive into your personality and the strengths that are associated with each personality type, which are as follows:

  • D – Dominant, Driver
  • I – Influencing, Inspiring
  • S – Steady, Stable
  • C – Correct, Compliant

This comes with an assessment of your Public Self, Private Self, and Perceived Self, an important distinction to note when making decisions on how to enable career growth.

What your personality assessment means

Of course, the DISC Personality Assessment isn’t much help without the trained eye of a personal development coach. For a small fee, Jeff will provide a debrief and go into detail with you of what your personality assessment means and how you can use that information to your advantage.

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